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On Tuesday 6th September, 2022, we unveiled our compilation of digital rights judgments in Nigeria which is the first of its kind. The compilation is titled DIGITAL RIGHTS IN NIGERIA: THROUGH THE CASES. This compilation is a lucid compilation of some major decisions on digital rights by the Nigerian courts. It is a practitioners’ review of the various decisions along the line of their facts, judicial reasoning and the contributors’ comments on the propriety or otherwise of the decisions.

This compilation is hoped to be a valuable resource to all critical stakeholders with a view to engendering robust understanding and effective protection of digital rights in every form of existence and is therefore recommended for the use of lawyers, judges, law teachers, students, legislators, policy makers and indeed everyone. This publication of this compilation was made possible by the generous support of our partner-LUMINATE under the project-Deepening Digital Rights In Nigeria (DEDRIN).

While we are delivering hard copies to critical stakeholder-institutions across Nigeria, we have made e-copy of the book available for your access and download. You can access and download the e-copy HERE and via our Twitter handle and LinkedIn page.

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